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The imf-mm-api project will create and deploy a Minimum API for media management in an IMF eco system. The cloud deployment will act as a test environment for implementers and should remain online until approximately May 2020.


The Interoperable Mastering Format (IMF) is set to revolutionise the professional content distribution market. One key feature of the format is that assets are managed and that file names are not used. To make this a reality, this project seeks to define and implement a minimal set of Application Programming Interface end points (API) for the discovery of IMF assets.

Project Structure

During the development phase, the Project will comprise client of Mr MXF:

  • Asset management companies who will implement the server end points
  • Tool vendor companies that will implement the client requests
  • Content Owners who will contribute and validate user requirements
  • Project Facilitator (Mr MXF) who will create a reference implementation as well as facilitate the API design & test
  • Web Service Provider who will provide facilities for public testing in the cloud

Project Timeline

The project will be in two phases – design and public availability. Planned dates below are subject to change by agreement of the participants:

gantt dateFormat YYYY-MM-DD title imf-mm-api plan section Planning Invites :done, IDreq, 2018-10-22, 2018-12-16 Onboard Partners :done, IDonboard, 2018-11-15, 6wk section Design Phase Scope & Requirements :active, IDscope, 2018-11-19, 6wk Gather production test reqs :active, IDtestreq, 2019-01-01, 6wk Define API syntax : IDsyntax, after IDscope, 12wk Staging tests for partners : IDstage, 2019-02-01, 8wk Beta tests : IDbeta, 2019-03-01, 8wk section Public Availability Live public test : IDlive, 2019-04-01, 2019-06-07 code beta : IDpbeta, 2019-04-01, 2019-06-07 NAB 2019 :crit, IDnab, 2019-04-06, 2019-04-11 code RC1 : IDrc1, 2019-05-01, 3wk code RC2 : IDrc2, after IDrc1, 3wk GA 1 :crit, IDga, 2019-06-07, 2019-06-18 section Maintenance online test facility until April 2020:crit, IDtest, after IDlive, 2019-06-18 Enter maintenance mode :crit, IDmaint, 2019-06-18, 1d

Project Detail

Design Phase

The Scope of the project will be agreed and documented to include as a minimum:

  • User Stories for the agreed use cases
  • Test criteria for the use cases
  • Use cases that include
    • Authenticating and revoking an application
    • Registering assets via the API
    • Locating assets by their IMF IDs via the API
    • Recovering Asset Ids from a registered ID (e.g. EIDR) via the API
  • Swagger documentation for the APIs
  • A minimal reference implementation of the API as Open Source
  • An online testing environment for the API with the reference implementation

Public Availability Phase

The online testing facility will be made available:

Maintenance Phase

From June 2019, the project will be entering maintenance phase with the test resources left online for 3rd party implementers to evaluate and test.

Taking part

If you are interested in participating in the project, please get in touch