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imf-mm-api Media

IMF sample media is available for free download. All Material is released under a CC BY-SA 4.0 license (Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike) unless otherwise stated. This means that you can pretty much do what you like as long as you give attribution to the rights holder, indicate that you made changes and share your derivatives with the same license. Rights holders are indicated in the Sources section.

IMF Delivery Packages

  • BS500a OV - a complete Original Version IMF Package
    • extra CPL that has a valid EIDR that can be resolved in the EIDR database for content version testing

Sources for you to make & contribute IMF

The source materials is available here:

  • Bruce's shorts episode 500 © Bruce Devlin 2019. License: CC BY-SA 4.0
    • bs500a OV source for making simple IMF packages

Most of the content can be resolved via the API and downloaded using your favourite AWS S3 download mechanism. See the demo page for details. If you're an IMF vendor and would like to submit an IMF package or two, then please contact us to arrange an upload.

IMF Tool for playing assets

IMF Tool

IMF Tool is a great free IMF player written by Wolfgang's Team at the University of RheihnMain. Sponsored by Netflix, it is a windows application that can natively play back and perform basic editing of CPLs (Composition Play Lists).

At the IMF Tool download page on Github, you can download and play IMF packages and interactively explore the world of IMF. Sample media is availble in the packages section of this website.