imf-mm-api Demo

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This NAB 2019 demo is using the beta version of the API with a single AWS hosted demo server. The media folder is periodically scanned for IMF assets and the databsed updated accordingly.

Execute API call below via button or new tab via arrow
GET with no end-point (should return the website home page to prove script is working)
get all assets
get an asset by id
get an asset by hash

API response:

Output will appear here...



Some of the CPLs will have valid EIDR values in the ContentVersionList. These values can be validated and used to enhanve IMF workflow by looking up extra metadata in the EIDR database. As an example:

IMF Tool for playing assets

IMF Tool

IMF Tool is a great free IMF player written by Wolfgang's Team at the University of RheihnMain. Sponsored by Netflix, it is a windows application that can natively play back and perform basic editing of CPLs (Composition Play Lists).

At the IMF Tool download page on Github, you can download and play IMF packages and interactively explore the world of IMF. Sample media is availble in the packages section of this website.