The IMF Media Management API project


This project is a collaboration of manufacturers, broadcasters and knowledge companies involved in the development and standardisation of IMF - The Interoperable Mastering Format.

IMF does not use file names. How do you get products and services to exchange assets when all you have is an ID ... or two ... or a thousand?

Solution: Establish a minimum viable API language for exchange of standardised assets.

Thanks to the team at SMPTE for developing the ST 2067 suite of IMF standards.

NAB 2019

Schedule of API Events

AWS Elemental

Partner IMF Demos at NAB

The partners will be demonstrating sophisticated automated IMF workflows. They're supporting this API project because IMF workflows are intrinsically multi-vendor activities. Without their support this project would not exist. Please check them out!

IMF Helper information


IMF background

Here are a few resources to learn about IMF

  • video Mr MXF Bruce's Shorts 2 minute IMF primer (2016)
  • video Mr MXF Bruce's Shorts 2 minute IMF primer (2016)
  • blog Netflix IMF: An Open Standard with Open Tools
  • blog Netflix prescription for versionitis (2016)
  • blog Signiant - IMF (Interoperable Master Format) Reaches the Mainstream
  • video SMPTE Annie Chang's original presentation on IMF (2012)
  • paper European Broadcasting Union The Applicability of the Interoperable Mastering Format (IMF) to Broadcast Workflows (2015)
  • paper Andy Wilson SMPTE Journal article on AppDPP
  • course SMPTE IMF course (2019)